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Defekt album "stimulus" out today!

We're delighted to announce that Matthew Flanagan aka Defekt drops his long awaited debut album "Stimulus" with accompanying 12" for Takeover Recordings.

Keith Tucker (aux88) - "hot hot HOT"

Dave Clarke - "this is great". Modular System no.7 in August chart.

Scape one - "a future classic"

Surgeon - "I enjoyed that"

Matt has been honing his sound for a few years now, getting great reactions form anyone who's had the pleasure of hearing, and feeling, one of his live sets. Earlier this year one of his tracks appeared on a Bass Frequency Productions mix c.d. by Exzakt, aka Larry Mc Cormack, and prior to this release he put out a superb remix of Rogue Frequency's "Forgotten Secrets".

The album has a stripped down sci-fi feel to it, warmed by the use of analogue equipment and modular synthesis, ranging from the brooding downtempo bump of the title track 'Stimulus", and "Replicant's Mind", through the deep rolling machine funk of "We are Automated" and "Systolic Array", to faster paced electrobass such as "Other Machines".
The album is a thoroughly satisfying listen from start to finish for any lovers of drum machines and synthetic sounds beautifully melded, and is treated to the meticulous mastering skills of Chris Mc Cormack. A timeless piece of electro - and only the start of the recording career of Defekt. Also look out for other projects of Matt's, such as ESS, and modular synthesis three piece, PushMoveClick.

title - Stimulus
artist - Defekt
format - digital album / limited 4 track 12"
label - Takeover Recordings
Release date - 17/9/10 - Junodownload exclusive - general - 1/10/10
contact [email protected] for advance order of limited edition 12" - buy now
[email protected]

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