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ed devane,room full of empty people ep out now on takeover recordings

part two of our winter of your discontent series, following black sea project's album "passage" - still available free/donation from buy at most d/l stores - listen to takeover releases at artist - Ed Devane title - Room Full of Empty People label - Takeover Recordings cat no. - take111 format - download released - 5th Jan 2011 Over the past five years Ed Devane has plied his unique vision of sound manipulation on labels such as Touchin' Bass, Spacebar Sentiments, released his debut album "Molten Membrane" on Mantrap Recordings, and also explored installations, and experimental/improvised group performances, as well as running experimental sound event/label/website Room Full Of Empty People is Ed's first full release for Takeover after track contributions and remixes stretching back to his vinyl debut "Guilty Feet Got No Rhythm" alongside thatboytim and Redmonk on Take06 "Lowslung". Wharf lumbers its way into view with huge lumps of bass swathed in tangled high-end frequencies. It crawls its way through this sonic wasteland until it finds the vocals of Scurvy Lass (a.k.a Niamh de Barra) in the final sections of the track. An ominous introduction! 2C-me treads a more up tempo skittering halfstep rhythm, soon deploying a building bass riff to shake your rib cage. Then in the second half of the track frantic breakbeats lead the track through its increasingly intense coda. Technoblient drops a brief reggae drum fill before launching into juddering cut up stacatto chunks of sounds. Mangled tones are introduced ,sounding like a disembodied middle eastern carnival. That may sound hard going ,but this is a thoroughly enjoyable and visceral piece of rhythmic fuckery. Finally Squib leads off with gritty midrange breaks like a slightly more fucked up Surgeon/Counterbalance release, teasing us with a 4 to the floor kick, before dropping it all in alongside some otherworldly chimes and drones. At this point i'm thinking Velvet Underground go techno, and the track becomes a joyous sea of frequencies to abandon yourself in. Surreal and exhilarating. Phew! A bold, fresh, challenging release from a truly inspirational artist contact/feedback etc [email protected] Ed Devane - Squib by takeover recordings Ed Devane - 2Cme by takeover recordings

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