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Mark Rogan on FFWD panel promo CD comp for Amsterdam Dance Event

FFWD panel have now chosen me for promo CD comp for Amsterdam Dance Event!!!

Delighted that the panel for FFWD, which is a programme to accelerate the development of the Northern Ireland music industry have now chosen myself for inclusion on a promotional CD compilation that is being marketed towards media and industry at this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event.

CD 1 will feature 12-14 tracks of Northern Ireland artists / producers and CD 2 will
feature 2 x 30 minutes DJ mixes by Psycatron and Space Dimension Controller, again featuring Northern Ireland artists and producers. I've put forward my main track from my new EP "Cops Have The Best Dope! - Part 3"!!!

EP was released on Portuguese Techno label Labrynth, with American and European names like A.Paul, Loundon Kleer, James Ruskin, Michaelangelo, Coefficient, Systemic, Ben Gibson, Mike Parker, Ritzi Lee, Mike Parker, Exium, Grovskopa, Regis and so on releasing for them. "Cops" has had plays and support by Dave Clarke in both clubs and on his Whitenoise Radio Show, especially "Part 3" of the EP as well as names above plus Paul Mac, Ben Sims, James Ruskin, Bas Mooy, Marcel Fengler, Ritzi Lee, John Karagiannis, etc...

Check it out cheers YEO!!! : )

Re: Mark Rogan on FFWD panel promo CD comp for Amsterdam ...

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