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Nice & Nasty Label Showcase with Derek Carr & The Parallel - Fri 22 July

After the anarchy and seeds of revolution at Turks Head with layo & Bushwacka! Nice & Nasty offer some innovation, local talent and a proper riot! of 4/4 beats, Techno grooves and party vibes in the basement at the gorgeous Lost Society.

To launch a new monthly residency at The Lost Society Nice & Nasty has gathered some of its' premier league artists, Derek Carr, The Parallel, Dave Ingham (Dagham), Desy Balmer (remlaB), Jay Riordan and Brian Taaffe.

Derek Carr was an integral influence on the European techno sound between 2001 - 2006. Releasing albums on Nice & Nasty and Psychonavigation; doing EPs for Nice & Nasty, D1, Digital Soul, Geek, Headspace and Trident; and influencing global leaders of techno such as Fabrice Lig, Arne Weinberg, Lee Hollman and many more. This is a very rare live show by a man on techno hiatus; however, his live set at DEAF 2003 still remains how on the podcast/playlist of many true techno fans. His debut album on Nice & Nasty 'Science & Soul' remains one of technos true hi tech soul albums and gained support from the worlds leading djs.

The Parallel is Dublin's hottest underground music maker. Recording for Nice & Nasty, Static, Takeover and global labels such as Komisch, Ballans and Science has earned Colin 'The Parallel' McKeown a strong world wide reputation as a fine purveyor of deep, uncompromising techno.

Dagham & remlaB is Dave Ingham and Desy Balmer the stalwarts behind Nice & Nasty since its beginings in 1993. Jay Riordan and Brian Taaffe are two tremendous local DJs more associated with Dublin Xpress but found spinning on RTE Pulse, Power FM, The Pod, Turk's Head and many more.

Dave and Desy as Dagham & remlaB will be playing music from the early to mid 90s or as they like to say a Hacienda set of acid house, deep house and classic electro.

Nice & Nasty has released music by Chymera, Orlando Voorn, Sourcecode, Marco Bernardi, Derek Carr, Matthew Bushwacka!, Rob Glennon, Itokim, thatboytim, Tomi Chair, T-Polar, Nachklangmusik, Jamie Behan, Mark O'Sullivan, Timmy Stewart, Robbie (Agnelli) Nelson, Solab, Carlos Nilmmns, Sunil Sharpe, Mick Chillage and many more. Add in the off shoot Dublin Xpress and Nice & Nasty has been integral to the nurture of Irish electronic music since 1993.

If you like to party, if you like good techno - deep house, acid house, minimal techno, melodic techno, pounding grooves etc then you'll enjoy this. Support local artists.

Door tax will be ten Euro; however, there will be tickets for Five euro and a 50% off guest list for Facebook friends and Resident Advisor friends so get in touch.

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